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   EMEGE 45 GESTIONES, S.L. with Tax Identity no. ES-B35567973, has its company address at General Mas de Gaminde, 45 Oficina 8 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, zip 35006, (SPAIN), and can be contacted at the telephone number (0034).928.24.74.21 or at the following e-mail address:


   EMEGE 45 GESTIONES, S.L. and its partner EAGER BIZ, S.L., are holders of the domains,,,, and From the set of pages located at that domains, EMEGE 45 GESTIONES, S.L. offers services and information to Internet users in general, about time in the World and time zones.


   In general, EMEGE 45 GESTIONES, S.L..'s user relationships derived from the products and services provided on this website are subject to Spanish law and the Spanish Courts shall have jurisdiction.


   The User is hereby informed and accepts that any of the products or services in this web site shall not imply, in any way whatsoever, that a business relationship is established with EMEGE 45 GESTIONES, S.L. [insofar as all the requirements established by EMEGE 45 GESTIONES, S.L., pursuant to current regulations, are not met]. The User is hereby notified that the products and services currently available on this website are given as public information.


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